Membership Details

Hot Desk

Starting at $350 monthly

Finding an affordable and flexible base of operations can be a stressful task for a small business. Our ‘Hot Desk’ membership allows you to achieve a new level of professionalism, without having to take big risks. It also connects you to a strong community that nourishes small businesses.

Dedicated Desk

Starting at $650 monthly

A growing business means growing overhead costs. With our ‘Dedicated Desk’ membership you get your own desk in a lockable office, access to meeting rooms, office supplies and all the necessities of a growing business, while not letting your overhead costs get out of hand. This leaves more time to focus on what really matters: your business.

Private Office

Starting at $2500 monthly

As your company grows, having a professional place of you own become a vital part in instilling credibility and enabling growth. But finding that place can seem overwhelming and expensive. Our ‘Private Office’ takes away all that stress with a ready office space with all the amenities needed to allow your company to thrive.

Warehouse Space

$650 monthly for 10×10 cage
$750 monthly for 12×12

Whether you are in the e-commerce, manufacturing or construction industry, our ‘Warehouse’ memberships are designed to meet your shipping and receiving needs, while keeping your overhead costs down and networking opportunities up.

Yard storage

Starting at $250

Get secure storage for all your company’s equipment. This flexible and affordable storage option will allow you focus on growing your business. You will get 24h access to your secure space plus access to TradeSpace’s networking events, giving your company opportunities to expand.

Custom Solutions

Call us for pricing

We understand that all companies require different things, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for in our membership options contact us. We can work with you to personalize a membership to fit your company’s needs.

Ammenities and perks Office Dedicated Desk-600 Hot Desk-250 Warehouse Storage Yard Storage-250
Mail service Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shipping and receiving Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Social events Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Utilities and opt. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Moving equiptment Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to partnership Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Time allocated in big 8h per month 4h per month 2h per month 0h per month 0h per month
Time allocated in break 40h per month 10h per month 5h per month 0h per month 0h per month
Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cleaning staff Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reception Yes Yes Yes Yes
24h access w/ smart Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video security Yes Yes Yes Yes
Beverage and food Yes Yes Yes
Printing Yes Yes Yes
Private work station Yes Yes
Private office Yes
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