What Is TradeSpace?


Work + Store + Collaborate

A leader in innovation and collaboration, TradeSpace is the first co-working environment of its kind in Canada.

We understand the feast or famine nature faced by small business owners and the importance of generating new leads. Our concept is built on the power of networking and collaboration, bringing Calgary small contractors together under one roof. TradeSpace fosters a productive environment so you can work alongside others who love what they do. We tear down the walls between disciplines, making it easier to establish valuable connections and find new opportunities.



Work + Store + Collaborate

Meeting Calgary’s growing businesses’ needs

We’re changing the way Calgary’s small contractors do business by addressing their needs and taking away unnecessary risks. Join our community so we can achieve great things together!

Office Requirements

Have all the amenities of professional office, but without the large overhead cost.

Warehouse Space

TradeSpace features the only co-working environment that meets all your warehouse, shipping and receiving needs.


Whether you’re just looking for a venue or a fully catered event, we work with you to personally to ensure your event is everything you want it to be.

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